New Home Warranty Inspection

Almost all home purchases will include a 1 year home warranty for the buyer. This home warranty will cover all major/costly issues that may arise in a home. But what if you are not aware of the issue until after the warranty expires? You are out of luck, unless you got a home warranty inspection!

Many new home buyers do not realize the importance of a home warranty inspection because it’s just not something we really think about. However, getting a home inspection before the one year expiration of your home warranty will help you identify anything that needs to be replaced or repaired so you can make a claim before your coverage ends.

  • It helps you identify defects that you would have never known about, so you can get them repaired, at little or no out of pocket cost, while your home is still under warranty.
  • Having a well document, professional report with pictures makes it easier for you to inform the warranty company about the repairs needed.
  • It helps you identify small defects that may eventually turn in expensive repairs in the near future.The cost of warranty repairs was basically paid for when you purchased your home. You have essentially already paid for these repairs.
  • Last but not the least, the cost of the inspection is nothing compared to the potential cost of repairs that will still be covered in your warranty.

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